Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 15, 2012

Katie do you know her last name??? cuz if its the Katie i´m thinking of ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahah. And Janee too??? TO WHO???? (Carissa is reacting to news that two people she grew up with are engaged to different people  :)))

Anyways very fun. Oh my goodness I want to e-mail photos to you but i haven´t been able to yet. and my adaptor never works on the computers here. I´m trying to find a cord for my camera but haven´t been able to yet. 

Not very many new happenings this week. 

Roadshows how fun. And sounds adorable, I love that scene from that movie. (Our ward used Enchanted as a starting point and used a song from that movie,  How Will She Know You love Her?)   And that song too (can you make a cd and send it too me??? pretty pretty please) Oh I almost had an attack yesterday the mp3 and speakers you sent me have been wonderful!!! But then the speakers stopped working. The batteries were still good but the speakers wouldn~t turn on. I tried new batteries today and they worked. 

We talked to a member about the nativity. And when she goes into the more shopping friendly part of Porto Alegre she´ll take pictures of them so i can see them. I don´t know what will be best to do. I´ll just have to see what its like. 

Anyways, this week. Honestly not much happened. We are trying to find new people to teach and really struggling. 

You asked about eating at members houses....EVERYDAY. Come mais more eat more eat more. Yikes I really don~t want to come home fat...but its impossible here. We are always eating. (but the food is really really good)

The ward is fairly small not tinnie tiny but decent. 

Sister Teixeira is awesome. 

This week has been hard for me. I left Caxias and we were succeeding. We taught lots of lessons, people, and were successful and usually received well. Here, a completely different story. Its been challenging. Very different area. 

In this area we only take the bus for District meetings once a week. In Caxias we would have to take the bus sometimes for lunch (lunch here is the main meal). I don~t know exactly why they closed our area. There are lots of possible reasons. All that happened was our areas were switched. We lived in centro but worked in bela vista. It was about a 25 min walk to our area. The Elders that worked in Cento live closer to bela vista. And also we had 6? Young recent male converts (RC). Elders could help them better than us. We couldn~t visit RC in their houses. We would have to visit them outside, Elders won~t have this problem. plus bela vista is a huge area. But the cool part is here in Elizabeth its a fairly new area for sisters.

A lot of the missionaries here have little albums of photos of family friends and such. I have a little album can you send me pictures? from our vacation, my trip to europe i don~t need a ton but i do miss photos. 

I can~t believe all the changes that are happening at home. It scrazy. well i miss you tons and tons and tons (honestly you have no idea how much i miss you all) 


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